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Autoposting in social networks 'Maxrepost' - the manager of automatic publishing

Autoposting in social networks 'Maxrepost' - the manager of automatic publishing

The service of auto-posting to social networks "Maxrepost" helps to develop the opportunities of your business, spending minimum of effort, time and money, getting the maximum result. Autoposting "Maxrepost" is a tool that allows you to easily and automatically publish content to all major social networks.

The work in our service is extremely simple. First you connect to the service users and groups on the wall which will publish. Next, you upload posts and publications, attach pictures to them, and create a posting script. You can publish both users on the wall, and in groups. Also you can make reposting scenarios, for example, you publish in one main group, and then do a repost for other groups and people. You can either publish the publication right away or create a pending publication schedule.

With autoposting "Maxrepost" you will spend a lot less time managing your business, and the reach of the audience will be the maximum. Now supported by the following sots.seti: vkontakte, classmates, facebook, twitter.

A distinctive feature of our automatic posting service is that you can configure the maximum coverage of all popular social networks - your posts will automatically be broadcast in all networks, which allows you to reach the maximum possible audience.